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6th Most valuable Brand 32,070 Million $

Toyota Industries’ Corporate Philosophy

Respect for the Law
Toyota Industries is determined to comply with the letter and spirit of the law, in Japan and overseas, and to be fair and transparent in all its dealings.

Respect for Others
Toyota Industries is respectful of the people, culture, and tradition of each region and country in which it operates. It also works to promote economic growth and prosperity in those countries.

Respect for the Natural Environment
Through its corporate activities, Toyota Industries works to contribute to regional living conditions and social prosperity and also strives to offer products and services that are clean, safe, and of high quality.

Respect for Customers
Toyota Industries conducts intensive product research and forward-looking development activities to create new value for its customers.

Respect for Employees
Toyota Industries nurtures the inventiveness and other abilities of its employees. It seeks to create a climate of cooperation, so that employees and the Company can realize their full potential.

Five Values

The “Five Values” were assembled as an “action guide” for the employees of Toyota Industries. Each and every one of our employees is to think for themselves and determine, “What concrete action should we be taking and how should we change?” They will then share these thoughts with each other, and by also sharing a similar set of values they will aim to promote the future development of Toyota Industries.



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Banco Central Europeu

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The legal basis for the single monetary policy is the Treaty establishing the European Community and the Statute of the European System of Central Banks and of the European Central Bank. The Statute established both the ECB and the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) as from 1 June 1998. The ECB was established as the core of the Eurosystem and the ESCB. The ECB and the national central banks together perform the tasks they have been entrusted with. The ECB has legal personality under public international law.


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Eurostat is the Statistical Office of the European Communities, established in 1953. Our mission is to gather and analyse figures from the different European statistics offices in order to provide comparable and harmonised data to the European Institutions so they can define, implement and analyse Community policies.

Our data cover the European Union, its Member States and its partners, and are published under a variety of Themes and Collections.


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5th Most valuable Brand : 33,696 Million $

Vision and Strategy

Nokia’s future success depends on delivering great experiences to our customers by creating products and solutions that work seamlessly and are appealing.

Our strategy contains the core elements required to accomplish this, and is optimized for tapping into the mobile industry’s global growth potential as it unfolds.

Vision and Mission

Connecting is about helping people to feel close to what matters. Wherever, whenever, Nokia believes in communicating, sharing, and in the awesome potential in connecting the 2 billion who do with the 4 billion who don’t.

If we focus on people, and use technology to help people feel close to what matters, then growth will follow. In a world where everyone can be connected, Nokia takes a very human approach to technology.


At Nokia, customers remain our top priority. Customer focus and consumer understanding must always drive our day-to-day business behavior. Nokia’s priority is to be the most preferred partner to operators, retailers and enterprises.

Nokia will continue to be a growth company, and we will expand to new markets and businesses. World leading productivity is critical for our future success. Our brand goal is for Nokia to become the brand most loved by our customers.

In line with these priorities, Nokia’s business portfolio strategy focuses on five areas, with each having long-term objectives:

– Create winning devices
– Embrace consumer Internet services
– Deliver enterprise solutions
– Build scale in networks
– Expand professional services

There are three strategic assets that Nokia will invest in and prioritize:

– Brand and design
– Customer engagement and fulfilment
– Technology and architecture



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